Innovative Products for the Packaging Industry

VC999 Packaging Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of Vacuum Chamber Machines, Thermoform (rollstock) Packaging Machines, Tray Sealer, Skin Packaging, and Flow Wrapper Machine Systems as well as other Packaging Robotics, Vision Inspection Systems, Conveyer/Converger Systems, Weighing, Labeling and Product Scanning. Our dedicated and highly experienced team of packaging consultants can assist you in the designing the right machine systems for your packaging operations.

Belt Chamber Machines

More than 40 years of experience find their expression in VC999 vacuum packaging machines.

The wide machine range extends from small professional tabletop models to large highspeed double chamber and conveyor machines.

ST2 (auto shrink tunnel)

Fully automatic in-line spray tunnel

The VC999 ST2 shrink tunnel is a fully automatic in-line spray tunnel. A hot water cascade is used to shrink the packaging. The continuous throughput enables cost-effective shrinking of large production volumes. The VC999 ST2 does not require compressed air, thus enabling energy-saving operation. The high-quality insulation prevents heat loss.

TR2 (auto drying tunnel)

Fully automatic in-line dryer tunnel

The VC999 TR2 dryer is a fully automatic in-line dryer tunnel. The VC999 TR2 will make products arriving wet e.g. from a shrink tank, sufficiently dry for following labelling or cardboard packaging operations. The wet packaging is dried by use of automatically adjustable air blades. The continuous throughput enables cost-effective drying of large production volumes. The VC999 TR2 does not require compressed air, thus enabling energy-saving operation.  Combined with the shrink tunnel VC999 ST2 and a VC999 chamber belt machine a powerful vacuum shrink-line can be created.

Tray Sealers

Modern lifestyles have led to new eating habits and a corresponding change in consumer behaviour. Convenience food and catering products are basic commodities today in the average household. Suppliers have long recognized this trend, and expanded their traditional offering of unpacked goods in complete units or items with preconditioned consumerfriendly portions.

The VC999 brand not only stands for vacuum packaging, but also for special packaging forms such as MAP tray systems sealed in inert protective gas or skinpacks for very sosophisticated product presentations.

A comprehensive range of VC999 tray sealing (TS) machines covers all possible requirements.