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Fully automatic in-line dryer tunnel

The VC999 TR2 dryer is a fully automatic in-line dryer tunnel. The VC999 TR2 will make products arriving wet e.g. from a shrink tank, sufficiently dry for following labelling or cardboard packaging operations. The wet packaging is dried by use of automatically adjustable air blades. The continuous throughput enables cost-effective drying of large production volumes. The VC999 TR2 does not require compressed air, thus enabling energy-saving operation. Combined with the shrink tunnel VC999 ST2 and a VC999 vacuum packaging chamber belt machine, a powerful vacuum shrink-line can be created.

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Touch screen display with pictograms
  • Discharge to right or left side
  • Conveyor speed adjustable
  • The height of the air blades is electronically adjusted by use of photocells to match product size.
  • Photocell detection for economic drying process
  • Operation without drying possible (conveyor function)
  • Automatic error diagnostic
  • CE conform
  • GS certified (in process)


  • Right or left discharge
  • Outlet roller conveyor


Model VC999 TR2
Electrical connection 9 kW 20 AT
Water outlet ΓΈ 30 mm outside (hose connection)
Optional in-feed / outlet rollers
Throughput zone 850 x 330 x 1200 mm
Max. product height 330 mm
Capacity continuous run
Conveyor speed 0.09 – 0.23 m/s
Weight approx. 500kg (without roller extension/belts)

Technical changes reserved


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