Remarkably Responsive Temperature Control Solutions

For almost five decades, PolyScience has responded to the needs of laboratory, chemical, medical, industrial, plastics and culinary markets with unparalleled innovation, passion, and user-focus. Our dedication to quality, ease of operation, and reliability has helped us become a global company that spans six continents.

Our Refrigerated Circulators, Heated Circulators, Chillers, Recirculating Coolers, Water Baths and special-purpose products are designed to simplify tasks, take less space, integrate more seamlessly, and perhaps most important, make your work productive and enjoyable.

Sous Vide

When you cook sous vide you will achieve tasty results every time you cook. The home cook and commercial chef can both easily create amazing results. Cooking food at low temperature retains more flavour, nutrients and texture in many traditionally harder to cook meats and vegetables with very little fuss and no mess.

Vacuum sealing food items to cook in a water bath allows the cook flexibility. Food that is cooked sous vide can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer ready for reheating. All food remains hygienically sealed in user friendly portions reducing handling and waste.

smoking gun

Smoking Gun

The PolyScience Smoking Gun™ is loved by professional chefs, mixologists, and home cooks alike. With its ability to simply elevate any dish, the reasons are clear.

After much consideration, re-design, and re-engineering, this classic has been greatly updated. Notable changes have been introduced to enhance performance, usability, and longevity. We are proud to introduce the Smoking Gun Pro®.

Create new culinary sensations with smoke.