Packaging Systems by Ilapak

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, ILAPAK, with its vast range of packaging solutions, can satisfy every form, fill and seal packaging need: modified atmosphere, horizontal flow wrappers and vertical packaging, sachets, product handling as well as complete, fully automated lines.

Horizontal Solutions

ILAPAK’s flow pack & flow wrappers can be tailored to match each customer’s specific needs, and deliver maximum production flexibility and efficiency at each performance level. Every model is available in different versions with a large range of optional for the packaging of food and non-food products.


Vertical Solutions

ILAPAK’s Vegatronic series of vertical Continuous & Intermittent film motion packaging machinery can produce the highest quality and most innovative range of pack styles, whilst delivering flexibility and exceptional performance. The Vegatronic series is ideal for loose products, fresh or frozen produce, powders, granulated products and liquids.

Weighing & Counting

ILAPAK’s Weightronic series of high quality multi-head weighers are tailored to each customer’s products, to weigh consistently and precisely across a very wide range of pack weights and speeds. The product range includes weighers from 10 to 24 heads, with construction standards for either “dry” or “wet” environments. The centrepiece of ILAPAK’s new suite of counting systems is the state-of-the-art Vision 2000, which offers a flexible, accurate and low-noise alternative to conventional vibratory counters.

Turn-Key Solutions

Leading Turn-key HFFS flow pack, VFFS bagging and weighing solutions. Our Project engineers and Industry experts work with you to find the best production solution for your line right through to case packing. To find out more, talk to our Industry experts in Bakery, Pizza, Tortilla, Produce, Fruit, Meat, Cheese, Wet-Wipe, Chocolate, Confectionary, IQF Frozen, and many other industries.