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Tray Sealing Machine for small to medium size packaging volumes

The food to be packaged is placed manually in prefabricated trays. The filled trays are then covered with foil and sealed airtight, or evacuated and filled with modified atmosphere gas before sealing (MAP system). The modified atmosphere protects the food and guarantees long-term preservation.

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  • 3 operation modes: vacuum only / vacuum and gas / seal only
  • Automated film transport
  • Automated sealing
  • Automated evacuation / gas filling
  • Single or multiple tool
  • Standard tool or special shapes
  • Quick and easy die set change without additional tools
  • Fast film change
  • Easy to clean thanks to stainless construction and angled surfaces
  • Service-friendly, access is possible from all sides
  • Photoelectric control system for printed top film optional
  • Automatic drawer optiona
  • Hoisting of trays optional
  • Changeover gas switch optional
  • Gas bottle cage optional

Technical Details

Single tool up 500 x 314 mm
Dual tool up 240 x 314 mm
Quadruple tool up to 147 x 240 mm
Tray depth up to 130 mm
Film Width max. 380 mm
Film Roll diameter max. 250 mm
Film Core diameter 76 mm
Adjustable sealing time 0-5 sec.
Adjustable vacuum electronic
Adjustable gas values Di 6 mm 3.5 – 4.5 bar
Production output cycles/min. max 3 – 6
Compressed air connection Di 8 mm 5.5 – 6.5 bar
Air consumption per cycle ca. 12 Nl
Power connection 230/400 V; 50 Hz; 4-5 kW
Overall machine dimensions 847 mm x 1100 mm x 1660 mm
Weight approx. 425 kg


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