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Professional Classic Series

Professional Classic Series

The Sous Vide Professional – Classic Thermal Circulator™ is used by the world’s best chefs. It has proven itself as the highest standard in sous vide cooking.  The work horse of the PolyScience range, the Classic has stood the test of time, at the heart of some of the world best kitchens.  Transform the way you cook.

Achieve perfect, repeatable results every time

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The Sous Vide Professional Classic Series is the standard behind many cookbooks and groundbreaking recipes. This thermal circulator offers maximum flexibility and clamps onto any tank with round or flat walls that can hold up to 45 liters. With its one-touch control it enables you to quickly set or adjust the cooking temperature. Also, its simple selectable high and low pump speeds provide precise liquid circulation control.


  • Exceptional control of liquid heating to within 0.05 °C
  • Water circulation provides maximum consistency (compared to non-stirred devices)
  • Three preset buttons make the selection of frequently used cooking temperatures fast and fool-proof
  • One-touch control enables you to quickly set or adjust cooking temperature
  • Controls liquid heating up to 300 °F (150 °C)
  • Easily selectable high and low pump speeds provides precise control over cooking liquid circulation
  • High-grade stainless steel heating coil and pump ensure lasting, trouble-free performance

Optional Extras

  • Heating element shield – Prevent cooking bags from directly touching the heater and pump components with this protective shield. The Classic Sous Vide Thermal Circulator shield also functions as a stand when not in use.  We also supply cage up grade kits for older units.
  • Dual-unit Travel Case – Perfect for the traveling chef, this locking case is specially designed to accommodate 1 or 2 Sous vide professional – Classic series thermal circulator with protective shields attached.
    • Extra space for power cords and accessories
    • Impact resistant HMW polyethylene exterior shell
    • Heavy duty aluminum rim with gasketed seal and black trim
    • Comfortable, rugged molded handle
    • Full length piano hinges and with cast chrome key locks (2 keys included)
    • Parallel ribs add to exterior strength and durability
  • Custom-made water bath tanks – Match your Classic circulator our Australian made stainless steel 60 litre tank for a life time of reliable service. We also have custom Cambro tanks in 18, 30 and 50 litre capacities.
    • This custom stainless steel tank is specially designed to obtain the very best cooking performance from your PolyScience Classic immersion circulator. Fitted with a large, front mounted drain valve and large easy grip handles to make draining and cleaning easy this tank also has the smallest foot print for it size at 350 mm x 500 mm (based off the 1/1 gastronorm). Get more from your sous vide cooking.
    • Custom Cambro tanks are the economical solution for your immersion circulator tank needs. Our lids are abrasively water cut to fit perfectly around your circulator. Lids are essential when cooking sous vide for long periods or with large tanks. Even at 60°C the water in you sous vide will constantly evaporate, by using one of our custom stainless steel or Cambro polycarbonate tank you can be sure that your food will not be left high and dry.


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