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Custom Builds

Custom Builds

Vacpac engineering has the unique ability to design and build a purpose suited and product specific machine or processing line. Along with you, the client, Vacpac Engineering will come onsite, measure up, determine product type(s), volumes, bag sizes, bag types, time/shift limitations and other contributing factors. Vacpac Engineering will then have the project built by InterVac in Germany and then installed and commissioned.

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  • Swivel and lockable stainless steel castors.
  • Robust bulletproof construction
  • made from high quality stainless steel
  • easy to clean
  • durable and safe
  • easy to operate
  • service-friendly
  • advanced operation technology
  • 10 independently programmable programs


  • Bi-active sealing
  • Mechanical cut off/bag trim
  • Soft air
  • Gas flush system

Sealing – Types

intervac-seal-1Seal with the twin-sealing, made possible by means of a double sealing seam.
intervac-seal-2The top and bottom sealing has proved its worth with the thickest foils, aluminium or shrink foils.
intervac-seal-3A cut off sealing assures a precise division of the overlapping edge of the bags.
intervac-seal-4Here the separation takes place by means of mechanical knives with support of compressed air.

Please contact Vacpac Engineering to advise you on best suited options specific to your proposed product(s).


InterVac vacuum technique can be applied all-round.:


Meat, fish, catering, restaurants, supermarkets, butcher’s shops, food processors.


Electrical parts, medical parts, documents, money, etc.
Control systems
A digital and 10 program programmable vacuum sensor system offers the best possible machine and component control.


The modular vacuum technique by InterVac has been adapted to your requirements. i.e. if necessary your single-chamber-system can be enlarged with a two-chamber-system with a shrink and drying tunnels.

Talk to us with regards to detailed information of modular enlargements of the InterVac vacuum technique.


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