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Atmoz 90

Atmoz 90

The robust, stainless steel Atmoz 90 vacuum packaging machine has a specific construction of both the lid and the work plate.

This results in longer seal bars compared to other series. This floor model is standard equipped with a Busch vacuum pump and complies with CE standards.

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Technical specification

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The Atmoz 90 is a single chamber vacuum packaging machine with a robust all-stainless steel construction. User-friendly operation and easy maintenance guaranteed.

  • Chamber dimensions(LxWxH): 660x760x280 mm
  • Machine dimensions(LxWxH): 1090x980x1105 mm
  • Seal bar length: 2 x 660 mm
  • Pump capacity: 100 m3/h
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec


  • Standard with 2 seal bars (left-right): 2 x 660 mm
  • Optional without extra costs: 2 seal bars (front-back)
  • Standard double seal (two wires). Optional without extra costs: Cut-off or Wide seal (10 mm)
  • Silicone holders easily removable for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • Pump capacity: 100 m3/h Busch vacuum pump
  • Pump maintenance and cleaning program
  • Machine cycle: 15-40 sec
  • Standard Digital control with 10 program memory and Time control
  • Flat work plate
  • Comes with insert plates for a faster cycle and product adjustment
  • Stainless steel exterior


  • 1-2 Cut-off seal
  • Sensor control
  • Liquid control
  • Gas flush (incl. pressed air connection) Soft Air to protect the product and vacuum bag


  • Inclined insert plate
  • 2nd insert plate
  • Service kit for standard maintenance


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